Friday, August 23, 2019

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Fish and shrimp play a vital role in feeding the world's population and shrimp has special contribution about supplying protein in food chain, therefore in the last decade, about 16% of the protein has been devoted to fish and shrimp. About 16% of the protein (s) has been devoted to fish and shrimp. According to figures the average of consumption of fish in the world per capita is approximately 13 kg, and in Iran about 8 kg have been reported.

After all, fish and shrimp are important and desirable for a large number of People with malnutrition, easily digestible food with high quality animal protein compared to other meats and dairy products, as well as the high lysine (an essential amino acid), is a dietary food full of natural sugar.

Regard to these features, shrimp and marine fish with high interest is exposed to the world.
These resources and increasing consumption per capita in Iran and all over the world
encourage us to work hard and develop our farms, establishing new farms to produce more and high quality shrimp

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