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One . Plan shrimp
A) Phase 1 Development Plan shrimp farms ( 29 hectares ) North TIYAB
B ) Phase 2 development plan for shrimp farms ( 31 hectares ) North TIYAB
C ) Phase 3 development plan for shrimp farms ( 400 acres ) Ykdarjask
2. Plans shrimp processing
One . Plan shrimp

With regard to the growth of the domestic shrimp and prawn export prospects for production , consumption and hopes for the coming years on development in this industry is far-fetched
Background of Establishment:
more stable industry and create jobs in order to comply with government policies servant is
1 ) Run Earthworks
A) biphasic 4 months
B ) Phase Two to 4 months
C ) Fazs·h 12 months
2 ) Concrete Operations
A) biphasic 5 months
B ) Phase 5 months
C ) Three phase 14 months
3 ) install utilities
A) biphasic 2 months
B ) Phase 2 Months
C ) Fazs·h 6 months
Tvlydmygv process :
1 ) Preparation of pools and lime plowing and spraying
2 ) larvae produced by the proliferation of sweatshops in the storage pool is
3 ) During the period of feeding and growth control measures are performed sizes
4 ) shrimp fishing operations after the Azty Sayzgyry and reach weighing about 17 grams
Timing of production :
If the crop should be cultivated in a storage operation until the end of May beginning of June will continue and grow after 130 days from the beginning of October, fishing operations will be 60 days
Crop breeding in both the start and the beginning of April until the end of January each year lasts .
Two . Design Curing shrimp
1 - Name : processing and supplying frozen fish and shrimp species of shrimp farmed fish species Vanvmy + industrial and commercial fish
2 - species with scientific name : Vanvmy
3 - Implementation Capacity : 2,000 tons per year in one shift
4 - biogenic plan :
Fish and shrimp vital role in feeding the world's population and hundreds of millions of shares of a particular protein plays in ensuring , so that in the last decade , about 16% of the protein (s) have been devoted to fish and shrimp . According to figures the average per capita consumption of fish in the world, approximately 13 pounds , and in about 8 kg have been reported. Decrease in per capita consumption of fish and shrimp in Iran for a lot there , as they can be , such as restrictions on the culture of fish eating , lack of diverse products and ready to use and pointed.
After all fish and shrimp for a large number of people undernourished , food is important and desirable . Easily digestible food with high quality animal protein compared to other meats and dairy products, as well as the high lysine an essential amino acid , a dietary supplement is Prazqnd . Chain unsaturated fatty acids such as Y3 month treatment of Cardiovascular and effective . , And with regard to these features , and shrimp and marine fish with high interest is exposed to the world .
these resources and increasing consumption per capita in Iran is removed.
Economic reasons :
Current growth in world population and the growing need for protein is needed to optimize the supply of food sources , the contribution of fisheries could be a special place and one of the axes Vrahbrdhay protein production is needed . Aquaculture production increase is due to increased production in the aquaculture sector . While fish catches in the last two decades of almost constant or show a slight increase . Because of the high demand trend Rshdprvrsh shrimp and shrimp , as well as their potential in fertile lands barren strip on the southern coast of the country and the economic and social conditions , especially exchange technology and employment in this industry, it was the Iranian Fisheries Organization form of government development programs in the fisheries sector , shrimp Tksyrvprvrsh in the coastal areas of the country to promote the production and supply of protein through an addition to the issuing this product in the form economy without oil upper exchange technology , to follow . development Tksyrvprvrsh shrimp in parallel , despite the lack of history and antiquity , through the development of farms and multiplication centers were provided with private sector participation . .

WTO shrimp

Japan in 2007 ( 277 thousand tons ) , America ( 560 thousand tons ) and ten EU countries in Europe ( 992 thousand tons ) of shrimp were the main importers . The total value of shrimp imports by major countries producing more than 16 billion dollars , amounting to 8/5 billion that belongs only to the Europe Union ( Fisheries of Thailand , 2010) or downward estimates show that despite the stability market prices , average annual shrimp production increased by 12 to 15 percent will face .
fifth Development Plan Dashthv significant growth in the final year of the program , respectively, the minimum and maximum of 0.57 and 35/1 ripe and exports vary between 12 to 29 thousand tons .

Shrimp situation in Iran:

However, experience in the field of reproduction and shrimp was lower than the number of fingers on one hand , the first development plan to achieve production of 10 thousand tons of shrimp in the final year of the program objectives . The efforts by taking advantage of the technical cooperation of international organizations , the program is only part of the technical studies and understanding of appropriate land development was undertaken . Hatching and test a variety of animals native ( shrimp, banana , tiger green Penaeus semisulcatus) Indian White Shrimp and Shrimp arrowhead (Metapenaeus affinis) and experience in shrimp farming non-native ( tiger black ) and identify areas prone to develop such basic measures during the early years of the program was transferring the land to build farms in the provinces of Khuzestan and Bushehr and Hormozgan continued. Despite a few goals at the end of the program , with direct government support , such as providing expert services and loans with lower interest rates and fees was supported , in part, was provided by shrimp farming infrastructure development .
This trend continued during the second year program to a great extent .were .were distributed . , but this trend during the fourth trailing by entering politics and diversity in L. vannamei species or species as the first Western Pasfyd

Iranian commercial culture and economic production per unit area took a positive attitude .

Domestic Trade shrimp


are used for export . these values ​​vary in different years , for example , about 10 percent of domestic consumption . formed in 1387 .future can be expected size of the shrimp imported into the domestic market on the basis of information , including the average per capita consumption of 541 grams of shrimp Makhvzhmrkz hit Iran in more than 50 % of production will be even higher in the years of the Fifth Plan

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