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Erbian Talaee Company founded in 2000, aiming shrimp farms, in Hormozgan province.

The company is continuing for more than 17 years managed to build more than 150 hectares of shrimp farms in the region and produced about 1000 tons of best-qualified vannamei shrimp per years in North TIYAB site in two crops per year. (A major crop which started from Jun end in
Oct and minor crop started from Feb till Jun)

Based on good enough facilities and brilliant experience that we own, we established manufacturing plant with a capacity of 2000 tons in 2007, in addition are founding new enormous farm in Jask port to expand our quantity and meet new markets and customer needs and rich 1000tons of production

The company now has more than 50 professional employees and workers who 15 of them have higher education (MS or BSc) in related fields, fisheries ,finance, business and management.

Our products are made with high standards to satisfy our various customers in different packaging size. Although we are improving our factory and farm and trying to achieve new and update standards such as ASC or ASI.
Due to the geographical location of Site ,shrimp processing factories and farms , being free of any microbial and viral contamination, without any drugs or food additives our product and package carry out the highest quality .

The company's products are exported to Middle East and Europe

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